Accepted Papers for FSCD 2021

Jakob Grue Simonsen. The Expressive Power of One Variable Used Once: The Chomsky Hierarchy and First-Order Monadic Constructor Rewriting
Richard Statman. Church's semigroup is sq-universal
Axel Kerinec, Giulio Manzonetto and Simona Ronchi Della Rocca . Call-By-Value, Again!
Tom de Jong and Martin Escardo . Predicative Aspects of Order Theory in Univalent Foundations
Thibaut Balabonski, Antoine Lanco and Guillaume Melquiond . A strong call-by-need calculus
Zeinab Galal. A bicategorical semantics for finite non-determinism
Kenji Saotome, Koji Nakazawa and Daisuke Kimura. Failure of cut-elimination in the cyclic proof system of bunched logic with inductive propositions
Youyou Cong, Chiaki Ishio, Kaho Honda and Kenichi Asai . A Functional Abstraction of Typed Invocation Contexts
Didier Galmiche, Marta Gawek and Daniel Mery . Beth Semantics and Labelled Deduction for Intuitionistic Sentential Calculus with Identity.
Alex Rice and Anupam Das. New minimal linear inferences in Boolean logic independent of switch and medial
Deepak Kapur. A Modular Associative Commutative (AC) Congruence Closure Algorithm
Maika Fujii and Kenichi Asai . Derivation of a Virtual Machine for Four Delimited-Control Operators
Lison Blondeau-Patissier and Pierre Clairambault . Positional Injectivity for Innocent Strategies
Dominique Larchey-Wendling. Synthetic Undecidability of MSELL via FRACTRAN mechanised in Coq
Dohan Kim and Christopher Lynch. An RPO-based ordering modulo permutation equations and its applications to rewrite systems
Frédéric Blanqui, Gilles Dowek, Emilie Grienenberger, Gabriel Hondet and François Thiré. Some axioms for mathematics
Joseph Paulus, Daniele Nantes-Sobrinho and Jorge A. Pérez . Non-Deterministic Functions as Non-Deterministic Processes
Niccolò Veltri. Type Theoretic Constructions of the Final Coalgebra of the Finite Powerset Functor
Francesco Gavazzo and Ugo Dal Lago . Resource Transition Systems and Full Abstraction for Linear Higher-Order Effectful Programs
Vincent van Oostrom. Z; syntax-free developments
Cristina Matache, Sean Moss and Sam Staton . Recursion and Sequentiality in Categories of Sheaves
Pieter Hofstra, Jason Parker and Philip Scott . Polymorphic Automorphisms and the Picard Group
Paolo Pistone and Luca Tranchini. What's Decidable about (Atomic) Polymorphism?
Hans-Peter Deifel, Stefan Milius and Thorsten Wißmann . Coalgebra Encoding for Efficient Minimization
Anupam Das. On the logical strength of confluence and normalisation for cyclic proofs
Nathanael Arkor and Dylan McDermott. Abstract clones for abstract syntax
Cynthia Kop and Deivid Vale . Tuple Interpretations for Higher-Order Rewriting
Ken Sakayori and Takeshi Tsukada. Output without Delay: A Pi-calculus Compatible with Categorical Semantics